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Air Pillow Void Fill Packaging

Avoid packing peanuts and significantly lower your packaging costs and shipping rates!

We have researched many void fill systems as alternatives to packing peanuts, and proudly carry AirPouch® EZ-Tear™ Air Pillows. These puncture-resistant air pouches significantly improve protection while lowering packing and shipping costs, simultaneously.

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AirPouch EZ-Tear Pillows

Advantages of AirPouch EZ-Tear Pillows over traditional packing peanuts and other solutions:

  • Minimal warehouse space: (1000) 8" x 4" bags is equal to (1) bag of 20 cubic feet of packing peanuts
  • Lightweight, saving on shipping costs
  • Dust-free air pillows reduce product loss and are cleaner to use than packing peanuts
  • Fast and efficient: inflates (150) 8" x 4" bags per minute
  • Variable rate of speed
  • Variable volume of air in bags
  • Easy tear perforated bags
  • Comparable in price to packing peanuts: (1) case of air bags equal (12) 20 cubic feet of packing peanuts
  • Automatic shut off
  • A patented design means no knife/blade is required to slit the material, significantly reducing machine maintenance
  • Fan-folded and boxed to reduce changeover rate and allow for an increased run time

DuraClear 2000 EZ-Tear™ Pillows (DC2)

DuraClear 2000 EZ-Tear Pillows
Sizes in Stock: 8x8 and 8x4

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