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Bubble on Demand Packaging Materials

AirPouch® FastWrap™

Bay Area Industrial is a distributor of AirPouch® FastWrap™ Bubble on Demand Packaging Materials, as well as other products, from Automated Packaging Systems. We have demo machines on our floor for customers to try based on potential volume.

AirPouch® FastWrap™ Bubble on Demand Packaging Materials offer a flexible, durable form of protective packing. Our FastWrap products keep your products secure and cushioned while in transit. This means less returned products and higher rates of customer satisfaction for you.

FastWrap Bubble on Demand is pre-perforated every 10" so you can select the appropriate amount of material that you need for each packing job. The channel-filled honeycomb design allows wrapping from various directions, as well gives better product protection.

AirPouch FastWrap tubes are used in block-and-brace applications, and feature our exclusive EZ-Tear™ perforations between each tube. This means increased user friendliness and less packaging material (and money) waste.

Both products are available standard in biodegradable and recycled EarthAware™ films, as well as DuraClear 2000™ LLDPE. All three materials pass the CID-A-A-549D and ASTM D-2221 standard of less than 20% air loss over seven days.

FastWrap bubbles and tubes are boxed to lower changeover rate and increase run time. This also dramatically reduces the storage requirements that you have with paper, foam and pre-filled bubble materials. You can produce 5.5 rolls of average pre-inflated bubble packing materials with just one small box of FastWrap cushioning bubble. This significantly lowers the cots of shipping and housing your packing materials.

Why choose FastWrap Bubble and Tubes on Demand?

  • Channel-filled, honeycomb bubble pattern enables multi-directional wrapping

  • Superior air retention

  • Tubes feature packer-friendly EZ-Tear perforations

  • Patented material design eliminates blades or knife to slit the material, reducing equipment maintenance

  • Available in a variety of EarthAware eco-friendly films

  • Conveniently boxed, easy handling

We offer these great products from FastWrap

EarthAware DuraClear 2000 Biodegradable Bubbles and Tubes on Demand (EGDC)

EarthAware DuraClear 2000 Biodegradable Bubbles and Tubes

EarthAware Recycled EZ-Tear™ AirPouch® Bubbles and Tubes on Demand (RGT)

EarthAware Recycled EZ-Tear

DuraClear 2000™ Bubbles and Tubes on Demand (DC2)

DuraClear 2000 Bubbles and Tubes on Demand

Anti-Static Bubbles on Demand

Anti-Static Bubbles on Demand
  • Amine Free
  • Polycarbonate and silver solder compatible
  • Dissipates static build-up and protects sensitive components

HD™ Bubbles on Demand

HD Bubbles on Demand
  • Meets the requirements of Federal Specification PPP-C-795D & CID A-A549
  • Ideal for heavy or fragile products with long storage and shipping cycles

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